SUBJECT: "Affiliate Contest Leaderboard"

(AFFILIATE ANNOUNCEMENT - This email was sent out on February 16th to all affiliates)




IMPORTANT - This is NOT an email to send out to your contacts. This is an affiliate update!




From the Desk of Alex Ortner, Affiliate Manager for the 2010 Tapping World Summit


Hi %$firstname$%,

Alex Ortner here, affiliate manager for the 2010
Tapping World Summit with a quick update on the
affiliate contest.

You can see the leader board for both contests
at any time by going here:

I'm updating the standings every day so make sure
to check out if you've made the leader board and if
you've moved up or down each day!

Here are the standings as of today:


(Ranking doesn't matter for this contest but it's
still fun to know where you stand! To see what you've
won match up the number of "leads" shown in your account
to the prizes shown on the above webpage.)

1st - Maria Veloso
2nd - Magnus Huckvale
3rd - Harlan Kilstein
4th - Margaret Lynch
5th - Rebecca Fine
6th - Joe Vitale
7th - Rebecca Sellner
8th - Anneke Riewald
9th - Chris Cade
10th - Sasha Xarrian
11th - Simply Raw
12th - Christopher Westra
13th - Patricia Carrington
14th - Christy Whitman
15th - Jon Tuttle
16th - Ariane
17th - Carol Look
18th - Nomi Shannon
19th - Steve Wells
20th - Ian Legg

(Top 3 at the end of the contest win MacBook Pros!)

1st - Maria Veloso
2nd - Patricia Carrington
3rd - Magnus Huckvale

4th - Carol Look
5th - Gary Williams
6th - Margaret Lynch
7th - Rebecca Sellner
8th - Joe Vitale
9th - Simply Raw
10th - Steve Wells
11th - Rebecca Fine
12th - Harlan Kilstein
13th - Emma Roberts
14th - Chris Cade
15th - Jon Tuttle
16th - Ariane
17th - Carol Robin
18th - Nomi Shannon
19th - Sasha
20th - Cathy Vartuli

Remember, for sales we typically convert a little
over 1% of all leads initially and then by the end
of the event (as people who you have signed up decide
to purchase) that number ends up at about 7-8% so
you still have lots more commissions to earn! :)

Thanks for your support with this event! We're only
a few days away from the start (Sunday at 8PM EST)
so make sure to keep letting people know about the

Thanks again!

Alex Ortner
Affiliate Manager




If you have any questions please email Alex Ortner (affiliate manager) at


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