SUBJECT: "Why this matters... (A Special Affiliate Message from Nick Ortner)"

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From the Desk of Alex Ortner, Affiliate Manager for the 2010 Tapping World Summit


-This is an important affiliate update on
the Tapping World summit from Nick Ortner-


Hi Affiliate Supporter,

There’s something really important
going on right now.

Some call it a “shift”

Some call it an “awakening”

Some call it a new “era”

What is it exactly?

Well, I don’t pay much attention to
the complicated and more esoteric
side of these changes, i.e. 2012,
Mayan calendars, etc.

What I do pay attention to is this:

People realize that the patterns, habits,
beliefs, and actions that we’ve been
running in our lives just aren’t working.

People are sick and tired of being
sick and tired.

I know I was, until I made a conscious
choice to CHANGE and use the power
of EFT and Meridian Tapping to do so.

In case you haven’t heard my story,
here it is in a nutshell. I was sick,
I was tired (sound familiar?), I was lost,
without direction, working at work I
didn’t like, running the same patterns
over and over again until I found
Tapping and applied it to every aspect
of my life.

The results?

I made a hit documentary film, with no
money, no experience, no connections.

(and I mean it on all three points,
I borrowed money on credit cards and
credit lines to make the film, put a
team together that had ZERO experience
in filmmaking and just started calling
people to get them on board!)

This documentary has sold over 35,000
copies, all over the world. It has
motivated other projects, like the
Tapping World Summit and the
Tapping Insiders Club.

As of today, through my clearing out all
my old stuff and following my mission
and passion, I have the honor to
communicate to over 105,000 people
and growing.

And the reason they are listening is

Why am I sharing this with you today?

Because I need YOUR HELP.

The Tapping World Summit is such a big
success because of affiliates like you.

People who care about the message and
want to share it with others.

People who like nice commissions and prizes
too! (hey, it’s important to be rewarded for
your efforts!)

The reason I keep working at spreading this
message is because if there is a tool out there
that is SO simple, SO powerful and delivers
such instant life-changing results, then the
world NEEDS to know about it.

Because the reality is that while a shift is
certainly taking place...

People are still suffering.


I’ve seen it myself, having worked with
people who are dealing with emotional
traumas from childhood, PTSD,
tremendous physical pain and limiting
beliefs that stop them from becoming
everything they can be.

They are running patterns that hurt
themselves and don’t serve the world.

They are in PAIN.


The format of the Tapping World Summit
Is unlike most product launches, in that
everyone gets to listen to the event for
Fr—ee and they can upgrade if they choose.

I did it this way because if there’s
somebody out there right now who is
battling cancer, and they need the
emotional support that the presentation
on cancer can provide, well...

We just have to get it to them one
way or another!

And at the end of the day, the model works
because 7-8% of the people STILL upgrade
and decide they want to learn more.

So I’m asking you to pause for a moment,
take a deep breath, and think of the people
on your email list and see if you can connect
with their struggles.

I know a lot of them are in pain and I know
they can use Meridian Tapping to overcome
this pain.

I know they’ll be forever grateful to you
for helping them change their lives!

Thanks for taking the time to read this rather
lengthy email.

I know you are busy and I appreciate
everything you’re doing to support this

Every extra email you can get out, especially
if it’s something you write directly from
your heart, as I have with this email, can
work wonders in reaching people and
touching their lives in a profound way.

If there’s anything I can do to help,
please let me know!

Here’s your affiliate login info again in case
you need it:

Username: %$afusername$%

Password: %$afpassword$%

You can login by clicking on the login button
in the affiliate education center at:

Much love,

Nick Ortner

P.S. Here are a few of the things people said
last year about their experience with the event:

“What an amazing program you have put together
for this symposium. The information presented is
so varied and brilliant. The speakers are exceptional.
They have so much to offer. I'm learning a lot...
and we're only half way through. Yikes!

I'm 71 years young, dear heart, and so excited to
be deepening my experience of EFT through this
wonderful symposium. As a pensioner on a small
basic income, I likely would not have attended such
a fabulous event. Bless you for offering it 'gratis'
to anyone and everyone ... and what a great
response you've had. I'm so happy to be a part of it.

In Joy and Wonder,"
~ Anita Arsenault

"Just have to thank you all right now. The best ever!

So far I have:
...Cried deep sorrow,
...Laughed at myself with abandon,
...Gone into the depths of HELL,
...Reached a very high state of BLISS,
...I am much lighter,
...I am JOY,

I am tapping for abundance so that I will be able to
order the CD's.

Much love and blessings,"
~ Cynthia Hooper - Lucerne Vally, California USA

And there’s many more here if you want to keep

P.P.S. Thank YOU again. I am truly very grateful
and know that together we can make a profound

:) -Nick




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