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How to Tap - With Jessica Ortner





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Bob Proctor
Author and Success Mentor featured in "The Secret"
Video - 48 min and 36 seconds

In this powerful video Bob Proctor shares his expertise on the body's energy system and how you can work with it to get what you want in life.
Carol Look
EFT Expert and Attracting Abundance Expert
Video - 43 min. 24 seconds

In this interview Carol explains how our underlying emotions play a role in our ability to lose weight, overcome addictions, phobias and much more and how to use EFT to get the results you're looking for.
Carol Tuttle
Author and EFT Expert
Video - 49 min. 12 seconds

Carol Tuttle reveals how frequency and vibration work and why staying in a place of high vibration is the key to getting the happiness, health and success you want in life.
Dawson Church
Energy Therapy Expert
Video - 54 min 37 seconds

Want to learn about the science behind EFT? In this informational video Dawson Church reveals some of the latest and greatest studies being conducted on EFT and what they mean for you you!
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Founder of and the Mercola Optimal Wellness Center
Video - 30 min. 48 seconds

Ready to learn how your emotions effect your health? In this revealing interview Dr. Mercola explains how EFT can be used to radically improve your health.
Patricia Carrington
EFT Expert
Video - 64 min. 19 seconds

Learn why Dr. Carrington moved from her traditional pyschiatrist techniques to using EFT as her primary tool for working with clients along with specifics on how she uses it to help people with trauma, stress, limiting beliefs and much more...
Joe Vitale
Best-selling Author featured in "The Secret"
Video - 38 min. 01 seconds

Hear personal experience on how EFT helped transform Joe Vitale's life. You'll hear how he used EFT to eliminate his fear of public speaking, lose over 80 pounds and transform his financial well-being.
Jack Canfield
Co-creator of the
"Chicken Soup for the Soul" Series


See the Tapping World Summit pre-view video interview done with Jack Canfield where he discusses using EFT on the past to make the Law of Attraction work in the present and future.
Bruce Lipton
Cellular Biologist

See the Tapping World Summit pre-view video interview done with Bruce Lipton.
Cheryl Richardson
Personal Coaching Pioneer
and Best-Selling Author


See the Tapping World Summit pre-view video interview done with Cheryl Richardson.





Introduction to The Tapping World Summit

Nick Ortner
Quick Start Guide



Carol Look
Introduction to Tapping




Dawson Church
Tapping and Modern Science:
The Science Behind These Astonishing Results








Here Are Your Five Gold and Platinum Level Bonuses


Carol Look
Clearing Clutter
Audio Recording
Sarah Holland
Infertility and Our Emotions
Audio Recording and PDF
Jessica Ortner
Morning Weight Loss Tap-A-Long
Audio Recording
Alina Frank
Marriage and Sex:
Improving Your Relationship with Tapping

Audio Recording
Tapping Cards




Here Are Six Platinum Level Only Bonuses


Ann Smith
Finding Peace: Healing the Relationship with Your Mother or Father
Audio Recording
Margaret Lynch
The Secret Language of Emotions
Audio Recording
Jessica Ortner
Powerful Tap-Alongs to Help You on Your Path to Success
Audio Recordings
Fear of Failure
Fear of Criticism
Tapping for Patience
The 12 Powerful Questions to Finding Your Tapping Target
AnaMaria Herrera
Clearing The Fears Around Marketing and Sales
Audio Recording
Stacey Vornbrock
Tapping For an Injury Protocol


New Bonus!
"Breaking the Cycle of Stress and Overwhelm"
4 Part Teleclass with Pamela Bruner
Part 1 of 4



Part 2 of 4



Part 3 of 4



Part 4 of 4





New Bonus!
"Overcoming Patterns of Sabotage Once and For All"
4 Part Teleclass with Carol Look
Part 1 of 4



Part 2 of 4



Part 3 of 4



Part 4 of 4





New Bonus!
"How to Attract More Money and Build the Lasting Financial Freedom You Deserve with EFT"
4 Part Teleclass with Carol Look
Part 1 of 4



Part 2 of 4



Part 3 of 4



Part 4 of 4






Tapping World Summit Digital Library





Keep your eyes on the mail after the event.Your Platinum VIP Package will be shipped after the event...
Here's what you'll receive:


-Each session recorded on CD (20 sessions in all)
-Complete Printed Workbook package from each session organized in a beautiful binder


In the meantime, you can download the audios, transcripts and workbooks to your computer below




Day 1
February 21


How to Attract More Money
Into Your Life Using Tapping

Margaret Lynch
Making the Leap From Debt to Financial Wealth



Carol Tuttle
Tapping Into Abundance: Breakthrough Techniques for Busting Through Your Money Barriers



Day 2
February 22


The Truth About Living Pain Free -
The Tapping Miracle

Carol Look
The Vibration Of Exceptional Health:
Managing Pain with Tapping



Rick Wilkes
Back Pain Relief!
How You Can Finally Find the Relief You've Been Looking For



Day 3
February 23


The Real Secrets to Weight Loss with Tapping

Sandi Radomski
Overcoming Cravings For Food



Jessica Ortner
Releasing The Emotions That Keep You Stuck and Overweight




Day 4
February 24


How to Use Tapping to Create the
Relationship of Your Dreams

Stefan Gonick
The Barriers to Love



Sasha Allenby
Improving The Relationship
With Your Significant Other



Day 5
February 25


Life's Greatest Challenges -
How to Master our Emotions with Tapping

Stacey Vornbrock
Mastering the Emotion of Anger



Steve Wells
Tapping For Anxiety Relief




Day 6
February 26


Straight to the Top - Tapping in the Workplace

Pamela Bruner
Increasing Productivity: How to Finally Accomplish the Important Tasks You've Been Putting Off



Kate Beeders
Redefining and Recreating Work Relationships for Maximum Success And Enjoyment



Day 7
February 27


Living with An Open Heart -
How to Use EFT to Help Others

Brad Yates
Tapping With Children



Julie Schiffman
Using Tapping to Help Other People



Day 8
February 28


The Modern Day Balance -
How to Do It All and Thrive with Tapping

Lindsay Kenny
Ending Procrastination Once and For All



Mary Ayers
From Zero to Hero:
Using Tapping to Fly Into Action




Day 9
March 1


Harnessing the Law of Attraction to Get Everything You Want in Life with Tapping

Pat Carrington
Clearing The Hidden Blocks to Receiving What You Want



Nick Ortner
Using Tapping to Help Achieve Your Goals



Day 10
March 2


Integration Day -
Bringing It All Together To Create the
Life of Your Dreams

Jessica Ortner
Personal Peace Procedure (Brand New!)


  Integration Process








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